School Presentations

Providence Academy has hosted multiple speakers in the last few months, all of whom gave amazing presentations on various topics.

According to Dr. Flanders, headmaster of PA, they have speakers to give the students the benefits of “outside perspectives on any number of issues.”

One of the speakers, Jason Evert, gave a presentation to the Upper-School about the virtue of chastity. Mr. Evert is a speaker who goes around the country giving presentations at different schools about the virtue of chastity. He makes it clear that this is a really important virtue, especially for high school students. His commentary was quite amusing and humorous, yet serious and informative at the same time. Mr. Evert talked about subjects such as when is someone crossing the line and why someone must reserve sex for marriage. It was extremely informative and provided information that was particularly pertinent to Upper School students.

Robert George, a professor from Princeton, came on Friday, November 18. The presentation he gave was mainly concerning immigration, as it affects everyone in the United States.

Professor Robert George
Catholic chastity speaker, Jason Evert.
Catholic chastity speaker, Jason Evert.

PA invites people who especially reflect the school’s “mission values”, according to Dr. Flanders. That being said, they don’t have to talk about those values in particular. In fact,  the speakers presented a broad range of topics. These can be anything from the Catholic Faith to economics, so long as the position it holds has a positive influence on the students and other audience members. It is really helpful to have very significant people come and discuss their topics with students, as it can drastically change their outlook on those subjects.


Overall, Providence Academy has people come and give presentations on a wide range of topics. This is, ultimately, to provide a positive perspective on those subjects for students and anyone else in the audience.