New NET Team

Every year at Providence Academy, there is one small group of really friendly, faithful, and helpful people that all of the students enjoy hanging out with. This is the NET Team.
The NET ( National Evangelization Team) members are Catholic young-adults who go to schools across the country to help students grow in their Catholic faith. They are basically supposed to teach the students about the Faith from a recently graduated person’s point of view. The NET members are typically all over the high school area. They will do things with the students such as have lunch with them, talk to them, and go on retreats with them.
The NET mission statement is: NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and to embrace the life of the Church. These people, being missionaries, stay at a school for nearly the entire school year, and usually they each stay at the home of a hospitable student.
Mr. Carrillo, the NET director, stated that they are a “great witness to our students”, and that “every NET team is completely different”.
Every year there is a new NET team that brings a lot of new personalities that make every team unique. This year’s NET team includes: Nathan, Lauren, Lydia, Elisabeth, John-Joe, Kayley, Grant, Marina, and John. They come from all over the place, from here in Minnesota, all the way in Scotland, which makes it very interesting to learn more about them and their stories.
NET team leader, Marina Garcia, stated that she joined NET ministries because they had, “really good examples of people who knew about Christ”.
There are plenty of events that the NET team will host over the course of the year that students are invited to go to. This includes the annual NET retreat held for the upper school classes. During these retreats, the NET team takes some of the student body to some place like a camp or church, and spend the day talking about how God affected them in their lives and how He can help the students in life. These are usually multiple hours and take up most of the school-day to go to.
Overall, the NET team at PA is an amazing influence on young Catholics who aspire to be like Christ in every way possible. Students are at a critical developing age during their high school years, and NET Ministries is excellent at making them better people and better Catholics.