Goal. Run. Touchdown. Swim. Spike. Rally. Cheer.

Fall sports are a great way to start the school year, and a great way to make new friends. Providence Academy’s 2016 fall sports include: Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Swim and Dive, Volleyball, Tennis, and Spirit Squad.
Varsity Girls Soccer captains for the 2016-2017 school year are: Ashley Servais, Colette McCarthy, and Ellie Schneider. Sophomore, Lauren Wall, plays on the girls varsity soccer team. She said her favorite part about soccer is “meeting new people that I would not have met otherwise that are in other grades, and getting to compete on a challenging level.”
Varsity Boys Soccer captains are: Michael Kahler, Eric Ruch, and Connor McIntee. Goalie Sam Young ’19  says his favorite thing about soccer is “saving Ehson’s penalty kicks.” Sam Ferreira ’19 says his favorite thing about soccer is “Brian.” Zach Giesler’s ’19 favorite thing about soccer is “just chilling with bri dog.”
Cross Country captains are: Jamie Trende, Ana Palamarez, Nolan Farnam, and Marty Partoll. A  new team member, Helena Peppin ’20 says the first thing she noticed about the cross country team is that “everyone is so welcoming and the team is a huge family.”
The Football captains this year are: Jackson Baird, Jack Hillen, Tim Thirstson, Gavin Blomberg and Clay Gardner.  Mark Richelson ’19, says his favorite thing about football is “the games, because they are really fun.”
The Swim and Dive team co-ops with Blake. The captains are: Rachel Sigel and Zoe Nyberpowell who both go to Blake. Lauren Owen ’19 says the things she loves most about swimming are “the team and the team bonding activities.”
The Volleyball captains this year are: Melony Ivans, Anna Counts, and Amanda Willingham. Elsa Feltl ’19 says her favorite thing about volleyball is “the time I spend with my teammates, because everyone on the team is super super chill and really nice, and we have a very young team.”
The Tennis captains are: Mimi McMillan, Evie Kenny, and Nicole Ogren. Eleanor Christianson ‘19  says “the team as a whole is just really fun to be around! They are all really nice girls! I love playing doubles. Its super fun, especially at the net.”
The Spirit Squad captains are: Gianna Bruno and Camille James. Gianna Bruno’s ‘19 favorite thing about Spirit Squad is “getting the crowd pumped at each game and performing our dance routines.” Gianna joined Spirit Squad “in 8th grade because it was new to 8th graders at the time and I wanted to try something different. I knew I was very loud and energetic so cheering felt like the perfect place for me to be.”
So if you are interested in joining any of these sports, join! Any team would love to have you!