National Pet Day

Colleen Paige, animal welfare advocate, began national pet day in 2006 in order to celebrate the great amount of happiness brings into the lives of many.

This national holiday also came about to raise awareness for the rescued animals that still need a place to call home and to allow for a day of appreciation for the multiple ways pets positively affect the lives of people.

Many Providence Academy students either have pets or want pets.  In honor of National pet day, Providence students share about their own pets or the pets they want and the way they think pets impact the lives of many.

Ehson Souresrafil ‘18 shared that he has a cat named Tiger.  Tiger, two years old and an American short hair silver tabby, positively impacts the Souresrafil household.

Describing this, Souresrafil says, “with Tiger in the house, the environment is more lively and it is fun to have a companion when you are alone at home.”

Shannon Rajkowski ‘19  has a golden retriever named Shadow.  She thinks that having a pet really helps give rise to responsibility, especially in younger children.

Rajkowski describes what she believes to be the best pet by saying, “I think that a dog is the best pet to have because they definitely are a man’s best friend.”

Maddie Austin ‘18 has three dogs and a chinchilla.  The dogs are named Angel, Princess, and Paige and the chinchilla is named Pudge.  She think that animals are a great addition to the household because they lighten up any given space.

Austin agrees with Rajkowski that dogs serve as the best pet to have because she thinks that “dogs are the best because they are so affectionate all of the time, they love being around you, and they’re just adorable.”

Krysia Anderson ‘18 has four pets as well: two horses and two bunnies.  Her two horses consist of Tess,  a 31-year-old Saddlebred and Peter, a 3-year-old pinto rescue horse.

Describing Peter, Anderson says he, “ was an orphaned foal that I have for the summer to train for a rescue challenge to try and help him find his forever home.”

Her two bunnies are named Skippy and Snicker.

Anderson believes that, “the horse is the best pet to have because with a horse, it’s a partnership of learning that consists between the rider and the horse and the sky’s the limit.”

Anderson also commented on the  importance of pets in her own life and the lives of other.  She believes that although pets sometimes make for more work and responsibility, the rewards are priceless.

Describing this she says, “it teaches a family compassion and responsibility among many things and not only changes your own life but the life of that animal too.”

Lastly, Jess Ahlers ‘17 has a Yorkie Poo named Lulu, whom he says he likes a lot.

All in all, pets help foster responsibility in younger children, lighten up any household, and provide love and allow for families to be united through something.