Editor-in-Chief reflects back on his time at the PAW


Incoming freshmen at Providence Academy are each tasked with the job of deciding what elective classes they want to take for their first year as a high schooler.

I came to PA my freshmen year only knowing a handful of people here and had no clue what I wanted to take. When I received the list of electives that were offered, one class caught my eye, journalism.

I have been writing for the PAW since my freshmen year, and I am very glad that I did. Writing for the PAW has been a major part of my high school career and I am very grateful for everyone who has helped me grow as a writer and as a journalist.

The PAW offers students many great opportunities to grow as writers as well as work on skills that they wouldn’t otherwise have worked on. Having to interview students and faculty members at PA helped me hone my people skills and helped me transition better into a new school. The first interview I ever did with Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt, when I was a freshman, was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life nonetheless I was able to get through it and learned a lot from those five minutes of asking Dr. Ferdinandt questions about the football field.

Writing for the PAW has been one of the most enjoyable things I have done at PA. Learning things about the inner workings of PA and getting the first look at some of PA’s plans for the future have definitely been highlights. The people I have worked with have all been great and amazing to learn from and write with. I have been lucky to have three great teachers help me become a better writer and editor.

I would highly recommend anyone who enjoys writing or is interested in journalism to sign up and write for the PAW. I am very grateful for my time writing for the PAW and for all of the help I have received from others. I would like to thank Mrs. Karen Burkhartzmeyer, Mr. Jack Sheehan, and Mr. Matthew Davis for helping develop my skills as a writer and as an editor. I am very grateful my the students that edited my articles and helped me figure out how to write well. I have very greatly enjoyed writing for the PAW and would like to thank PA for offering a class like the journalism class that lets students who love to write, write.

I will always remember writing for the PAW and how much it helped me. I strongly hope that more students will come to appreciate the PAW as much as I have and that it will grow. I am very grateful for everything that the PAW and PA has offered me, and with that I would like to say one last goodbye and thank you to the PAW.    

Charles Kral is the Editor-in-Chief of the PAW