Wishing a Bittersweet Goodbye to the NET Team

For many years now, Providence Academy has hosted a NET Team full of energetic young adults who spread and encourage the faith throughout the PA community.

There are countless benefits to have a Net team here at PA…the Netters do not just benefit the Catholics and Christians here at PA, they also are willing to help anyone who needs it.” Claire Klassen ‘17 stated, “ It is easier for us students to connect the Netters because they are closer in age to us and just finished high school or college so they know exactly what we are going through.”

This year’s NET Team was made up of eight members. Michele Volk, , Katelynn McKeen, Alexia Bustio, Jacquelyn Minton, Liam Riley, Noah Gilchrist, Dominic Schaefer, and Wyatt Overton all came to PA this year to spend time with the Upper and Middle School students.

These Netters came from all around to be here at PA, including Ohio, Texas, and Michigan.

The NET Team hosted many fun events for students, such as Lifeline Mass, small group meetings for both boys and girls, or before school adoration in the Chapel.

“The NET Team is extremely valuable to the spiritual development of students,” Grace Classen ‘18 stated, “Every memory I have of being with them is positive. They are invaluable…The NET team really reaches the students. They are living the faith and it is good for all to see their love for God. They simply are the best because they are always there for you no matter who you are.”

Though the NET Team has left PA, a few of them have decided to stay, much to the students’ delight. Wyatt, Dominic, and Alexia will be extending their stay at the NET Center, according to Claire Klassen.