Welcoming New Clubs to PA


At Providence Academy, many students enjoy taking part in various clubs.  

PA has many clubs to choose from, such as Quiz Bowl, Lions for Life, Debate Team, and Bella Canta.

This year, several new clubs are joining the list. PA students welcome these clubs and look forward to learning what they are all about.

One of the founders of the Novelist’s society, Katie Prom ‘19, stated, “ We will be meeting a couple times a month, and every time we meet we will be doing writing prompts and exercises to build our writing skills. In addition to these, we will each be working on our own individual projects to share our passions and help other young writers get better and build confidence.

Many clubs at PA serve to help students develop and grow their interest in a certain topic. This is the case with many clubs.

Ifeoma Ayika ‘17 stated her beliefs on why clubs are so important to students.

Not only will our club be exploring literature in its greats forms, my club will be helping those who want to improve their skills, so all poets and writers are welcome to share their work, in order to help become even better at their craft. Also, exploring poetry can only help your mind,” Ayika said.

Next year, there will also be an equestrian club, dedicated to students who ride or care for horses. PA will be teaming up with the Minnesota High School Equestrian Association in order for these students to form a community together.

Overall, clubs are very important and beneficial to PA students so that they can form friendships with people of common interest. PA looks forward to welcoming these new clubs into the school next year, and all of the good that will come from them.