Goodbye PA!


At the end of the year, the Providence Academy senior class often looks back on their experience.

They remember their classes, teachers, and friends, as well as look forward to their experiences after high school.

Current Senior Elizabeth Murphy stated, “of course I will miss my friends and teachers that I have built relationships with over the years. But one of the things I’ll miss most about Providence is the atmosphere present at all times. I love how Providence challenges us students inside and outside of the classroom, helping us to grow in intelligence as well as character.”

Many students will of course miss these features from PA, but many also look forward to these same features in college.

“I’m looking forward to studying my passions, meeting new people and starting the next chapter of my life,”  Elizabeth Reschenberg ‘16 said.

Other students, like senior Madison Hodgkin, look forward to other aspects about college, such as wearing comfortable clothes to classes.

Still others, like Claire Patnode ‘16, look forward to things like, “taking all I learned at PA and applying it to life at a University. I am excited to challenge others’ ideas and myself be challenged. PA has equipped me well, and I feel very confident in that which I stand by.”

After their experience at PA, seniors have a lot of valuable advice to give to other students at the school.

“For freshman, I would say, have fun, enjoy high school because it goes fast, and don’t obsess over grades but still work hard,” Reschenberg said. “For seniors, enjoy senior year and take it all in because it goes way faster than you can ever imagine. ”  

Overall, seniors have many different opinions on their experiences and advice, but they all agree on a favorite memory.

Noah Binstock spoke for most everyone when he said, “Spending 14 years at PA, I would never be able to pick one greatest memory among the thousands. I simply can’t choose one.”