Celebrating siblings at PA

Not too long ago, teenagers across the country scrolled through their Instagram feeds and saw picture after picture of sister and brother appreciation posts, in honor of National Siblings Day on April 10.

Although it may be a little cumbersome to see dozens of pictures of everyone’s family, the cute diapered babies, and the families on vacation; everyone can agree that any excuse to take a little time to appreciate one’s siblings is good.  

Providence Academy is home to many big families and tiny ones. No matter the number of kids squeezed into the car for a family road trip, siblings share a special bond and countless priceless memories.

PA gym teacher Mr. Chris Fussy and  religion and history teacher Mr. Kevin Keiser both come from big families. Fussy has six siblings while Mr. Keiser has seven.

With all these siblings, both teachers are chock full of fun memories as well as advice for handling the tricky and rewarding relationships brothers and sisters bring.

Both Mr. Fussy and Mr. Keiser think its important to make an effort to keep your sibling relationship strong as you grow up because as Mr. Fussy says, “[siblings] will be some of the best friends you have when you grow up.”

Mr. Keiser agrees, emphasizing the importance of  “not sweating the small stuff”.

He also says that, “if you make your siblings your number one priority they will always be there for you throughout life.”

Friendships will come and go, but only siblings will be there to laugh over the ridiculous stories accumulated throughout childhood. 

Or sometimes it’s the smallest moments that make the best memories. Mr. Fussy remembers the times spent playing baseball with all of his brothers and sisters with the most fondness.

Even if it takes an Instagram trend to remind one to think of their siblings, it’s well worth it.