The Track Exposed: The Dome Stops Where the Track Starts


Undisputedly, the new dome has done amazing things for Providence Academy athletics.

It has provided gym classes a chance to move around in a bigger area, the baseball team a space for preseason practice and aspiring athletes a place where they can practice any time despite fickle Minnesota weather.

However, many were surprised when the new dome extended only so far as to the beginning of the track, leaving it uncovered. Though the extension would have brought an additional expense, some runners agree that the extension would have provided the track with added benefits.

Sprinter Juliet White ‘18, wishes the track had a covering because, “ I would come on weekends to run and practice”. She continued to say that the track, “really does need to be covered because of harsh and unpredictable Minnesota weather.”

Avid runner and long distance coach Rachel Fogle said, “there is definitely a benefit to having the track covered. The benefit would be the use of the track with its correct markings, distance, and surface.  I am sure keeping the track surface out of the snow would help maintain the surface as well.”

This will have an effect on holding meets as well. Snow and ice have cancelled meets in the past, due to the damaging state they leave the track in.

Fogle said, “it would be nice to have it covered as I would be able to host track events earlier in the season – it is not possible to host an event with the dome up the way it is now.  In past seasons we have had to cancel many track meets due to snow and ice still being present on the track.”

Though this appears as a seemingly negative thing for some, it does have a silver lining.

Hailey Carter said, “although I love meets, having one cancelled can be a pleasant surprise and a little bit of a relief knowing that I can go home early and have a break from running.”

Whether or not the dome covers the track will be no hindrance on the performances of all the runners.