Keep Your EGG-Spectations High for This Easter



Each year, the Providence Academy community celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Students have many traditions when Easter comes, but this year’s Easter has a twist to it: it falls in the middle of Spring Break, instead of after it.

Madison Hodgkin ‘16 said that she enjoyed the Easter season, “ because you get to spend time with family and eat candy and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.”

In the past, students have often looked forward to having Easter Monday or Good Friday off of school. This year, however, students seem grateful to have both of these days, and more, away from school.

Having the holiday over spring break has good and bad consequences. Some people may be out of town on a spring vacation, separating them from their family over spring break. However, it may also open up more time to enjoy time with family, especially during the days before and after Easter.

Regardless of the Easter schedule, students still have traditions in place for celebration of this holiday. Favorites include church service in the morning, brunch, and then spending time with family and with friends.

“My favorite Easter tradition is always going out to Sunday brunch with my family after church,” Stated Claire Hillen ‘18.

Each of the students have unique traditions, especially in regards to family, age, and grade.

For instance, while younger children may enjoy activities like an Easter egg hunt, dying Easter eggs, and receiving chocolate bunnies from friends and family, older students can appreciate the significance of the holiday itself.

Some students also want PA traditions for the Upper School.

Hodgkin stated, “We should do a school wide Easter egg hunt and all the teachers should hand out candy”.

Hillen agreed with this, and expressed her wish to have some PA traditions.

She said,“ I think it would be fun to start traditions! Maybe an Easter hunt in House?”

While teachers in the Lower School have fun and festive traditions in their own classrooms, no such activities happen in the Upper School, though many students would enjoy them.

Hillen summed it up nicely, stating, “Easter is a fun holiday because you get to spend it with your family. Also, because the weather is getting warmer, and it makes the holiday seem that much happier. Lastly, because Jesus resurrected! And that is something to celebrate as Christians.”

So overall, students have many reasons to celebrate, including fun traditions, a few extra days off, and especially the Resurrection of Jesus.