Super Bowl Commercials

Although people want to watch the Super Bowl, they also want to watch the commercials. Every year, people look forward to watching new commercials.  

How much do companies pay to have their commercials aired during the Super Bowl? Although this question seems valueless, many people do not know how much companies are willing to pay to have their advertisements aired during the Super Bowl.

Providence Academy student Clare Hillen ‘18 said it costs a, “few million dollars per 30 seconds.”

Another PA student, Gabi Tessier ‘17 said, “Companies maybe pay two million every 30 seconds.”

Shockingly, companies pay CBS five million dollars to have their advertisement aired for 30 seconds during the Super Bowl.

This year, the commercials came from Colgate, WeatherTech, Pokemon, Wix, Jublia, Amazon, and 44 other companies. These commercials were divided into three categories: best, worst, and weirdest.

According to the website The New Yorker, the best advertisements include Heinz Ketchup Game Day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial, Official 2016 Jeep Super Bowl Commercial, AXE – Find Your Magic, No More, and WeatherTech: “Resources” Big Game Commercial 2016. The worst advertisements included: Quicken Loans, Avocados from Mexico, and National Football League. The weirdest advertisement include the Mountain Dew Kickstart.  

PA students gave their input on what their favorite and least favorite commercials aired during the Super Bowl.

Anna Rossini ‘16, said that her, “favorite commercial was the Super Bowl babies singing one because it was the funniest. Least favorite were the TV shows ones because no one cares.”

Tessier said, “my favorite commercial was probably the Drake Hotline Bling commercial because of the stuffy corporate actors telling Drake what to fix in his song according to different cell phone company requirements.”

Despite their differences, the students seem to have mutual agreement: the Mountain Dew “Puppy Monkey Baby” commercial was very odd and creepy.

Each year when there is a Super Bowl, people look forward to the commercials that will come with it – no matter how disturbing the commercials will present themselves.