President’s Day 2016

Presidents day celebrates two important birthdays.
Presidents day celebrates two important birthdays.

Every year, people celebrate the third Monday of February as President’s day.

Students widely recognize this year’s President’s day largely for two reasons: George Washington’s birthday, and a day of no school.

Annually, the celebration of George Washington’s birthday, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and President’s Day fall on the same day.

Though George Washington’s actual birthday falls on Feb. 22, and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on Feb. 12, the celebration of both birthdays moved to the 13th, and the date became known as President’s Day.

Providence Academy student Abigail Fafinski ‘17 has only one President’s day tradition. She celebrates having no school by relaxing during the long weekend.

April Yelich ‘16 has a similar tradition.

She stated, “in past years, my family has gone winter camping and hiking on the north shore of Lake Superior near Duluth for a mid-winter long weekend.”  

Students use this extra day to take a breather before going back to school.

In addition to President’s Day, students agree that all three-day weekends are beneficial. PA students believe that the extra day helps them to catch up on homework, notes, and quizzes. Only one more three-day weekend remains in the school year, Memorial Day, which falls on May 30.

Nicole Ogren ‘17 stated, “three-day weekends are beneficial for sleep and fun activities.”

Many other students agree with this.  

Gabi Tessier ‘17 uses her three-day weekends in a very similar way to Ogren.

Tessier stated, “there are many benefits of a three-day weekend. I usually will relax on the Friday and Saturday morning, because I have an entire extra day to work.”

Overall, though students may not have traditions for celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, they can still find time to appreciate the long three-day weekend by relaxing, sleeping in and getting a head start on the next week’s work.