Catholic Schools Week dance


A week unlike all others takes place in February –  Catholic Schools week.

During this time, many of the activities that occupy the five days are tailored to Providence  Academy’s close relationship with the arts, athletics, and most importantly, faith. In addition, CSW focuses on campus life, another aspect of the school fundamental for the student body. Each year, at the end of the week, a dance for the Upper School takes place.

This year the dance was “hoedown” themed, inviting students to attend while clad in cowboy boots and jeans.

“I loved the laid back atmosphere the theme provided – plus I got to show off my Hoedown Throwdown moves,” Kayla Bartsch,’16,  explained. “It felt like everyone there was just really happy to be goofy and dance the night (evening) away.”

In the past, the CSW dance themes have met both appreciation as well as indifference.

“The themes can be good but sometimes it sort of takes away from the experience,” remarked one student. “In the end the theme doesn’t really matter as much as time with friends does.”

Indeed, these CSW dances not only provide a setting for students to strengthen and form friendships but also a relaxed backdrop for them to just have fun.

“I think a lot of students convince themselves that the CSW dance is ’lame’ or ’stupid,’” stated Bartsch. “It’s easy to forget that the less-formal atmosphere makes for a low-pressure, really fun night.”

Although the CSW dance takes place in the Great Room, it nonetheless allows the student body to enjoy a night of fun surrounded by their friends and peers but stay away from the classroom.