Look Before You Leap: Students Celebrate Leap Day after Three Years of Waiting.


Leap year comes once every four years, so celebrate it!

Due to the earth’s rotation, every year contains 365.25 days.

However, every four years this extra quarter of a day adds up to an additional day in the calendar year.

This year, the month of February gains one extra day, just as it does every four years.

Providence Academy student Abigail Fafinski, ‘17 said, “leap year is just one extra day in February, but it can be fun to gain a day to do fun activities.”

Many PA students agree with Fafinski, using the added day to do fun activities and to go fun places with family and friends. On the other hand, some students see the opportunity and potential, and seek to use all 366 days.

April Yelich, ‘16 stated, “for Leap Day, I think it would be a great time to reschedule our service day!  What better way to spend an extra day than serving our community!”

This would fit another day of service into the community, benefiting both PA and the community as a whole.  When considering activities to do on Leap Day, students have a variety of ideas.

Nicole Ogen, ‘17 said, “ for the PA Leap Year celebration, we could get one more day off.”

Of course students would want a day off, especially because this year’s Leap Day will fall on a Monday, ensuring a three-day weekend for students. Some students have ideas of small activities to do while in school, but they also agree that the day shouldn’t cause too much disruption in the community.

Gabi Tessier, ‘17, stated, “I think it would be fun if there were a small celebration of gold coins, but I don’t think it should be an excessive celebration.”

On the other hand, Fafinski would like a bit more than a small celebration.

She said, “I think they should do something fun for Leap Day because it only happens every four years.”

Even if students don’t believe in a big celebration for the extra day, they agree that it’s still a fun and unusual event.

Tessier said, “It’s just nice to have a bonus day once in a while.”