A Day With in the Life of Abby Brenner

Abby Brenner competing at the Junior Olympics. (Submitted Photo)


Abigail Brenner, a sophomore at Providence Academy, has a very busy schedule.

Brenner has a full scholarship already lined up with University of Michigan for gymnastics. She also has a full school schedule, long practices everyday and hours of homework and studying.

Having such a busy life certainly cannot bore Brenner. The success she has achieved amazes and awes many. Having many awards, high placement in her age division and a verbal agreement with a Division  I school, Brenner continues to do a great job managing everything and still having fun.

Her day starts off with getting ready and going to school. Her school schedule stays the same as other students until the end of the day on Monday-Thursday when she leaves either at 2:20 or 1:25. She then fills  the time from when she leaves school to 6:30 with gymnastic practice. Then she spends the rest of her night having dinner and doing her class work.

When asked about her favorite thing throughout the day Brenner said, “I love talking and keeping up with my friends.”

With such a busy schedule it’s wonderful to know that Brenner takes the time to talk and laugh with her friends and to relax.

With all on her plate, time management has become a difficulty for Brenner.

She said, “it can get overwhelming sometimes.”

Brenner has many out-of-state meets and, for the past couple years, she has competed in the Junior Olympics and nationals for gymnastics. With all of the school work she has to make up when she cannot attend school.

While juggling many things that she has to do, she has a great system set in place. She said, “ it’s not perfect just yet but it has been working well so far.”

After all  of this work, Brenner said, “I have Sundays to just relax and do nothing or hangout with friends and it is a nice break from everything.”

Brenner has such a bubbly personality. Watching her succeed in something she loves creates great happiness for her fellow peers, friends, and family to witness. Also to watch her strive more with each year.