Providence student athletes to Division I


For many seniors, their future remains undetermined.

Their college acceptance and rejection letters sent out in March, leaves them lingering in a period of limbo.

However, a couple of talented seniors know exactly where they’re headed. Feb. 3, National Signing Day, marks the day when athletes sign on to their prospective colleges.

Here at PA, senior Raelyn Spears ’16 has already signed off to play golf, and Henry Van Dellen ’16 will soon sign to play football.

Both of these seniors had a long process before finally settling on the school of their choice.

Before deciding on, North Dakota State University, Van Dellen said he kept busy, “college searching and working on my football recruitment.”

A talented quarterback here at PA, Van Dellen will continue his football career in Fargo, N.D.

He said he talks to the coaches “pretty much on a weekly basis” and  “the relationships I’m gonna form with my teammates,” excites him.

Spears signed with Elon University last year after keeping a focused college search.

She said, “when I was searching for a college I was looking for a school in the southeast with a strong golf team. I eventually chose Elon because I liked the golf facility, program, coach, and teammates.”

Searching for a college, especially one for a particular sport, presents itself as quite a challenge. Because of this, Spears decided to keep her college search focused and narrowed in on what she really wants.

She said, “When I was searching for a college I was looking for a school in the southeast with a strong golf team.”

Elon University, located in North Carolina, will take Spears very far away from home.

Despite the distance, she said she looks forward to, “playing tournaments at a higher level and gaining playing experience to help me with my golf career.”

Aside from the challenge from athletics, other things excite signing students.

Spears said, “I also am excited to play with new teammates and getting to meet new people while playing in college tournaments.”

PA is proud to represent many talented athletes, Van Dellen and Spears representing many, many more. Prouder still is PA to send off these two to go pursue the sport that they love in a new college environment.