Providence’s Favorite Christmas Traditions

Providence Academy is “a school like no other” in many ways, but differentiates itself in a special way through its traditions of faith and fostering a spirit of a love of Christmas

PA has many traditions for each grade level, which allows each grade to celebrate with each other and with the whole school. These traditions range from the Christmas tree out front to caroling after finals. The traditions turn small acts of holiday cheer into something celebrated and used to help ring in the season while shining a special light on Jesus’ role in the holiday.

With so many fun traditions, favorites procure among faculty and students.

Maddie Austin ‘18 shares that among her favorite traditions include the trees around the school.

“It’s a nice reminder to everyone that Christmas is coming and can especially be nice when it’s so dead outside to have some life inside the school,” said Austin

The many trees around the school can often be spotted decorated, some serving a special purpose. For example, the tree in the great room houses a toy drive for children in need.

Jess Alhers ‘17 talked about another holiday favorite saying, “ugly sweater day is my favorite because not only are you out of uniform, but everyone looks really Christmassy”.

Ugly sweater day, a much-loved tradition among the US, has been a class favorite since it first started.

Having Christmas trees and ugly sweaters is only a small part of the traditions. Other holiday-filled traditions include Christmas pageants, hot cocoa in the NET room and decorating the US hallways. These traditions may be among PA favorites, but other traditions focus more on the real meaning of Christmas.

Lighting the Advent wreaths in each classroom included in these traditions, which Mrs. Laura Leonard shares as being one of her favorite things to see.

“What I really appreciate about all of our traditions here is that they grow out of and point to our belief in Christ’s birth,” Leonard said.

Not only do these things highlight the spirit of Christmas but some even help to give back to the community.

Lucia Orlandi ‘18 remembers back to Lower School.

“I still remember the mitten tree, I always thought it was so special to give back especially when everyone is focused on their own gifts,” said Orlandi.

Overall, PA has many wonderful Christmas traditions that not only focus on fun but illustrate the true meaning of the season as well as giving back to others.

This opinion, shared by many other members of the PA community, may be fostered because these traditions present a fun way to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas.