Christmas Movies and Carols Spreading Holiday Cheer


The Christmas season would not carry on the same without the festiveness of classic movies and songs describing the beauty of Christmas.

Amidst the students and faculty at Providence Academy there appears a similar interest in the most popular forms of cinema. For example, the students particularly love Elf, a movie about an elf exploring New York City and spreading the Christmas spirit specifically to his birth-father.

Derek Onsario ‘17 finds it “hilarious”.

Overall, this movie attracts popularity due to the humor aspect and the fact that remains as a “must watch” at least once every Christmas season.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stands as another favorite amongst the teachers specifically. This classic consists of a story of a young reindeer who adventures to find Santa Claus to help rescue a whole island full of misfit toys.

Mr. Richard Carrillo said he, “loves the idea of seeing what Santa Claus would be doing when he wasn’t delivering presents.”

Mrs. Susan Bevington remembers watching this along with Frosty the Snowman in the ‘60s and early ‘70s.

However, by agreement over all, It’s a Wonderful Life lives on as a timeless tale. Telling a story of a discouraged businessman due to the priorities of his town and family, this classic emphasizes the importance of life and family all centered around the Christmas holidays.

Lucia Orlandi ‘18 describes it as, “one that I learn from and love and one I hope my children will learn from and love too.”

Movies do not stand as the only source of holiday cheer. Christmas songs and carols stand crucial to some of the students and faculty. For example, PA secretary Mrs. Gregg loves Christmas music and cannot pick a favorite.

However, she describes herself as “one of those who will start listening to Christmas music as early as they put it on.”

Mr. Carrillo loves the Christmas carol “Joy to the World”.

He enjoys the fact that it “truly is a joyful song and gets one into the true joy of Christmas.”

He remembers singing this song in his high school choir and recalls many memories from it.

Mrs. Bevington enjoys “Come All Ye Faithful” along with “Joy to the World” because “they are a beautiful way to think about and celebrate the wonder and joy of our God who came to Earth as a human being so that we might know Him better.”

On the modern flip side, Grace Cummins ‘16 enjoys “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey.

Onsario loves “Christmas Shoes” by NewSong because of “the story behind it.” Eleanor Christianson likes all Christmas songs because “they make you feel so happy!”

The widespread of variety among classics and favorites of Christmas concludes that anything Christmas related brings positivity and joy. The movies and carols particularly contribute to the season due to their timeless aspect and love by all ages.