Alpine skiing: a new sport for students seeking excitement in the snow


The month of December quickly progressed as new sports tailored to the weather conditions were introduced at Providence Academy.

Many students engage in these sports, excited to stay active while strengthening their friendships with others who share their interests. Alpine skiing, unlike the other sports of the season offered this year, made its debut as an option for the very first time, primarily as a co-op.

“Often it is difficult with our school end time to find schools that can co-op with us. We are fortunate that Mound-Westonka was interested in adding us to their co-op and the start time and location of practice was conducive to our school end time,” said Mr. Kurt Jaeger, the athletics director at PA.

As mentioned, Mound-Westonka played a crucial role in the introduction of the outdoor activity to the winter sport list at PA.

“I am going to participate in skiing because I enjoy the sport and I am happy the school finally has a team,” stated Erika Homen ‘19. “I like skiing in general, especially the speed.”

In addition to its speed, Alpine skiing bears much excitement.

“I like Alpine because it is a very different type of sport to do and involves a fast pace, always thinking ahead, and is very exciting (especially when you beat your competitors and your previous times),” explained Amanda Ihle, ‘18 “I don’t think that I could really say that I dislike any part of it, it’s just pure fun.”

This new winter sport at PA, made available to students of many different experience levels, encourages improvement in each participant’s performance.

“The great part about the co-op with Mound-Westonka is that coach Johnson is encouraging all experience levels to give it a try if interested,” said Mr. Jaeger.

In conclusion, Alpine skiing, holds many beneficial traits such as encouragement of self-growth, thrill and frankly, fun. Instead of participating in an indoor sport, the Alpine skiers engage in a snowy activity filled with euphoria.

“I think if a student can make the commitment and has an interest it would be a great new activity to try,” suggested Mr. Jaeger.