A Star Wars fan and PA Teacher’s take on Star Wars

The arrival of a new Star Wars movie has created a lot of excitement and anticipation of seeing another addition to the age-old sci-fi series and like most other passionate Star Wars fans, Mr. Daniel Fisher feels this excitement.

Mr. Fisher, a science teacher at Providence and an avid Star Wars fan, has been awaiting the release of the newest Star Wars film since when he saw the first teaser trailer.

“I got some chills when I saw some of the characters you know like Han Solo and Chewbacca,” said Mr. Fisher. “It brings to mind good memories and some chills.”

The new movie uses more practical effects than the last Star Wars movies that were released, giving the movie a more realistic feel and adds to the excitement. These same special effects were used in the original three movies and according to Mr. Fisher, are what make the original trilogy so memorable.

“It [the special effects] helped allow people to buy into that this was a galaxy far far away,” Mr. Fisher explained.

The first three Star Wars movies portrayed a more gritty and realistic take on sci-fi movies. Even though those movies showed a less “shiny” sci-fi world, they  kept some of the more “stereotypical” characters; a scary villain, a princess that needs rescuing, a farm boy who becomes a hero, and the wise old sage that guides the farm boy. Taking new ideas and keeping old ideas created something that was never seen before and continues to fascinate new generations.   

“The fact that this was set in a more gritty reality with cantinas and smugglers, rather than the nice shiny futuristic view where everything has been solved, and the type of story it tells made it unlike anything anyone had ever seen before,” explained Mr. Fisher.

Mr. Fisher saw the Star Wars movies, as a child, after they had all come out. Even though the movies had come out before Mr. Fisher was born, they were still able to be “a neat space to explore” for him. When the Phantom Menace came out, Mr. Fisher made a replica lightsaber for when he went to see the movie, and he still has the lightsaber today. He has also prepared for the release of The Force Awakens by buying tickets ahead of time and he even knows what he’s gonna wear to see the movie.  

Mr. Fisher’s liking for Star Wars began when he saw the original films as a kid. Since then his interest for the iconic films grew and has even been passed down to his children.

“I have four sons, but the youngest isn’t quite old enough to watch movies,” said Mr. Fisher, “but it’s been fun to watch the movies with my other sons and see how much they like them.”

Star Wars inspired and continues to inspire generations of fans with its tales of heroism, loyalty, and honor. The Force Awakens, the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise aims to do the same and create a new generation of Star Wars fans.

“I’m cautiously optimistic for the new movie,” said Mr. Fisher. “It’s a comfortable story to go back to so I’m excited to see what the new director and writers create.”