The art of gift-giving

Giving someone the perfect gift, something they will just love; one of the most exciting things about the holidays.

Finding out what exactly what that gift is; one of the most stressful parts of Christmas.

This year, Providence Academy faculty and students have given us some of their favorite gifts to give and receive, as well as advice, helping us on our search for the perfect gifts to give to our family and friends.

One of the most difficult tasks in gift-giving, especially for teenagers: shopping for parents.

Claire Christianson, embodying the views of all teenagers, said, “I just never know what to get both my parents. Every year, gifts for my mom and dad are the hardest to buy.”

Buying gifts for parents can be made much easier, because most parents treasure things other than simply store bought presents.

Madame Ann Heitzmann PA’s French teacher and mother of three said, “as a mother, I love to receive different ideas for time spent with each of my children,” and that, “time together is a precious gift.”

Money or lack thereof can also be an obstacle when trying to find a perfect gift, which is why parents’ love for anything homemade always make a great and creative gift.

“From artwork to footprints to poems,” Madame Heitzmann said.

Another thing to keep in mind when giving a gift; how to give the gift.

“Presentation is everything,” Christianson said. “I appreciate a gift so much more, if the person took the time to wrap it up nicely or write a cute card. It really adds to the gift.”

Parents aren’t the only people students have on their gift lists.

At the end of finals on Tuesday, students will be exchanging gifts with their friends, gifts that say, “Merry Christmas!” as well as “We survived finals!”.

Buying gifts for friends while on a budget and with limited time can be as difficult as studying for finals. Well, almost as difficult.

Abby Fafinski ‘17 shares some of her favorite gifts to give to her friends, as well as her favorite to receive.

Fafinski said, “I think good gifts to buy for teenage girls include jewelry, good movies or books, cute desserts, itunes money or perfumes or things from Lush.”

These gifts also work perfectly as gifts for sisters.

For parents, Fafinski recommended, “personalizing the gifts to show how much you appreciate all they do.”

In agreement with Madame Heitzmann, Fafinski prefers to receive, “homemade gifts because they are more thoughtful and heartfelt.”

With school and work, gift-giving can become more stressful than it needs to be, and one must always remember.

“It really is the thought that counts,” Christianson said.