Pro-Life Speaker Kristan Hawkins visits Providence


If people believe that they can overcome and defeat something, they will.

Pro-life speaker Kristan Hawkins believes that through that type of thinking, the pro-life movement will end abortion, just as how David defeated Goliath.

Mrs. Hawkins talked to the Upper School students on Nov. 11. Mrs. Hawkins was asked to come talk at PA by the Lions for Life, the pro-life club at PA.

“We asked her [Mrs. Hawkins] to come because we saw her at the March for life in D.C.,” Lions for Life co-leader Elizabeth Murphy ’16 explained, “she was one of the main speakers and was very powerful, so we thought it would be cool to have her come speak here at PA.”

Mrs. Hawkins started out in the pro-life movement when she got asked to volunteer at a women’s pregnancy center at the age of 15 and from there began to be more active within the pro-life community and started many pro-life clubs.  Since then, Mrs. Hawkins has become a major voice in the pro-life movement. She speaks all over the United States, mainly to college and high school students, and has helped found many pro-life organizations all over the country.

Mrs. Hawkins has motivated many people to start, or join, pro-life clubs. When Murphy heard her speak at the March for Life, she knew that she wanted to be a leader of the Lions for Life.

“Her [Mrs. Hawkins] speech was so powerful that it made me want to be a leader of the Lions for Life,” explained Murphy.

Mrs. Hawkins speeches center around what individuals can do to end abortion. Mrs. Hawkins outlines three main points in her speeches; to talk about abortion, to expose the industry of abortion, and to seek social justice. According to Mrs. Hawkins, by doing these three things someone can be a greater force in the fight against abortion.

“You guys [students and young adults] are the ones being targeted by the abortion industry,” said Mrs. Hawkins, “peer to peer influence means way more than being told by an adult so it’s important for more young people to get involved.”

Mrs. Hawkins firmly believes that the pro-life movement is currently winning the war against abortion and that abortion could be ended within a few decades, depending on supreme court elections and on the presidential election.

“It’s important to wake up everyday and do everything you can to end abortion by the end of that week,” explained Mrs. Hawkins. “If it hasn’t ended by the end of that week then do the same for the next week. If you believe in your heart that abortion is gonna end then you will do whatever you can.”


Charles Kral is the PAW Editor-in-Chief