Finding a great dress: she planned, she searched, she shopped, she conquered


Finding a great dress can arise as a more challenging task than expected.

Girls have no option but to consider many aspects that might come in conflict with finding the perfect dress for either homecoming, prom or any other social event that requires a dress and heels.

Length, as an example, might make the dress hunt nearly impossible. Especially today, with new fashion trends, that promote shorter dresses for events rather than knee-length or even gown dresses.

“I’d want to feel good in something new and experience that,” said Megan Stewart ‘16.

Three phases that may help in finding a successful dress that’d not only keep up to fashion trends but also, simplify the dress hunt include planning, the first phase in the dress hunt.

“If I started looking for a dress three weeks before the dance, it would probably take me like a week to find one that I loved and fit PA’s standards,” said Maureen Burns ‘18.

Early planning allows time to figure out what type of dress a person would like and also time for shipping and other things that could possibly delay the arrival of the dress.

When planning also take into consideration the event which aids in determining a suitable dress.

Last September, the annual Homecoming Dance incorporated a semi-formal theme. Both male and female attendees dressed in perfect attire that blended well with the theme.

Dress planning leads a person to the second step in the dress hunt, the searching phase.

Erika Homan ‘19 recommends, “looking for a dress 2-3 weeks before the dance.”

Browsing through stores either online or physically narrows the extensive search to a group of likes and dislikes, which lessens the stress of finding a great dress.

A few stores that PA ladies suggest include Lulu’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom or Maurice’s. Online stores such as Rent the Runway also have great dresses.

After searching through a variety of dresses, conclude the dress hunt by shopping for the dress, the final step in the dress hunt. Dress shopping tends to become overwhelming because of the numerous selections of dresses available.

Isabella Halek ‘17 states, “it takes me a very long time to find a dress.”

Therefore, one should allow plenty of time for this phase. Shopping does not include walking into a store and finding the exact thing in mind. Stores might have something similar but not specific. Moreover, being opened minded to other dresses, reduces the amount of time spent shopping.

Paris B in her blog ‘My Women My Stuff’ says, “I like having a second opinion, especially if I’m feeling on the fence about a particular item.”

Bringing either a family member or friend with to the store smooths the shopping stage. They most likely understand your taste and know what things you dislike, therefore, would majorly contribute to helping you identify, which dresses suite work best.

These three steps not only ensures a time-saving hunt but also a more fulfilling experience that concludes the dress hunt with an incredibly suitable, maybe even perfect, dress for the event.