The Celebration of Thanksgiving: a holiday for a nation that is usually lacking a vacation


The time when turkeys come out of the oven, colored leaves fall from trees and families come together to acknowledge their blessings were once easily identifiable as the main characteristics of Thanksgiving.

However, today many Americans work their normal hours or use their break for the holiday to catch up on unfinished work.

A survey by, a career website, recently revealed that 28 percent of Americans do not take time off for holidays due to fear of falling behind in their work. The survey also reported that 17 percent of surveyors failed to take vacation time because of fear for unemployment. Although some Americans work during the holiday, many celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving away from the office, or for Providence Academy students and faculty, the classroom.

“Often, our lives become busy, and it’s a good time to kick back and relax while spending time with people we love,” said Mrs. Claypool, a PA Religion and English teacher.

Thanksgiving, not only a time of rest for some Americans, but also one of union. Families, no matter their size, join together in recognizing the many blessings bestowed upon them.

“My favorite part is when everyone comes together and realizes all the blessings and things they should be thankful for,” said PA student Isabella Benson ’18.

Tradition, one main aspect of Thanksgiving, bears great importance throughout the celebration of the holiday. In some American households, Thanksgiving practices have endured through many generations.

“Since I was little, after we pray but before we eat dinner, we go around the table and each person says what he or she is thankful for,” said Mrs. Claypool.

While many enjoy taking time off to celebrate Thanksgiving, some deem certain attributes of the holiday’s celebration as unnecessary.

“One aspect of Thanksgiving that is unnecessary is over-mashing of mashed potatoes,” remarked Martin Partoll, ‘17.

On the whole, America consists of determined workers, dislikers and advocates of Thanksgiving. Many celebrate the holiday surrounded by those they love rather than desktops and files.