House: a look into this year’s traditions and ideas

The house banners displayed in the great room. (PAW photo by Lucia Orlandi)

House, one of the many ways Providence Academy differentiates itself between other schools and can proclaim that it is “a school like no other.”

Different from traditional homeroom and advisory, house provides a chance for students from all different grades in the high school to socialize, form friendships and compete. Girls and boys split into two sections with an overall total of 16 houses, eight boys and eight girl houses. All the different houses have names for letters of the Greek alphabet. Houses participate in various games, seasonal activities, most recently being the Pumpkin decorating contest and other competitive games.

House started several years ago as an attempt to foster unity and friendship between students of all different grades. It gives underclassmen the chance to get know the juniors and seniors who help guide the freshmen and sophomores.

House functions because of the many dedicated leaders who meet early bi weekly to plan fun activities for their houses.

Cierra Ramsey ‘16, leader of the Beta house, says that being a house leader requires, “taking initiative for planning weekly events” and making sure each activity is “fun, competitive and promotes a bonding experience.”

Some of her responsibilities include planning the holiday festivities, something she is, “definitely excited to see what we can come up with this year.”

House leaders have the responsibility of keeping the dynamic nature of house, adding new activities and bringing in new ideas every time they meet.

Cierra Ramsey wishes, “there were more opportunities to earn house points! We have so much planned for this year that it can be hard to find the time to duel other houses for points, which leaves only raising CAP scores to get house points.”

April Yelich ‘16 leader of the Epsilon house, wants to add, “a big group service project for house one week.”

These new ideas excited many PA students.

Alexis Gerulis ‘18 said that, “a service project would be a fun way to bring house outside of school. I hope it works out.”

If it does work out, April hopes it will, “build the Providence community along with helping a larger community outside of PA.”

House leaders hope to implement new ideas like these as well as planning more activities that students liked in the past, for example pumpkin decorating and apple sling shot.

Danny Newman ‘18 says that, “the apple slingshot is my favorite part of house and I’m really looking forward to it.”

This year, the pumpkin decorating contest had a fun twist. Usually, only the girls houses participated in this contest, but boys also competed displaying their creative side.

Maddie Austin ‘18 said that, “I like the pumpkin decorating the best and I loved that our brother houses participated too.”

Hopefully these new activities will soon become beloved traditions just like the old ones.