A look at winter sports


As Fall wraps up, the excitement for the sports to come builds, until all are able to enjoy either playing or watching.

Some winter sports available to one at Providence Academy are boys swimming and diving and boys and girls Alpine/Nordic skiing, basketball, with hockey.

PA has decided to start an Alpine Skiing team this year. Alpine is also known as downhill skiing in which the girls and boys have to go through different events.

One member of this team, Amanda Ihle ‘18 says that, “I expect a lot of learning for those who have not ever raced before, and I think that the team is prepared to learn and improve themselves.”

Another type of skiing team PA has is Nordic, which is also known as cross country skiing.

Caroline Heine ‘18 says, “our team this year is all very enthusiastic and are all very talented in cross country running, skiing, and track so we all have the background and know all the techniques to long.”

With a fast group of students on this team, seeing their success will be fun.

The boys basketball team had a very successful season last year and had more wins than losses. Last year, the boys went very far into sections last year, and their last game was a close one to Breck.

The boys varsity captain, Dominic Miller ‘16, says, “I expect the older guys on the team to lead and for the younger guys to get some experience under their belt. And that the team is prepared for ‘almost everything.’”

With their biggest competition being Minnehaha and SPA, it will be fun seeing the boys strive for their goal of making it past subsections this year.

Girls basketball have a great set of players with a lot of experience, which will help carry them through the season.

Sophie koeppl ‘17 says, “the ultimate goal is for all of our players to have a positive experience and really grow to the love the game. We are also going to do our best to bring home another state championship to Providence Academy.”

These girls are determined to reach their goal, and bring victory to Lions basketball once again.

Boys hockey, with a strong senior and junior line up this season, have made it a goal to make it past the second sections game.

Captain Blake Lucking ‘16 says, “I expect the older guys on the team to lead and for the younger guys to get some experience under their belt.”

With a strong unified team, the boys will surely be able to reach their goal this upcoming season.

Girls hockey is a very determined group that will push themselves to get as far as they can through this season. This team is a co-op with Minnehaha, De La Salle, and St. Agnes who have all worked together the past years and have formed a team that works very well together.

Junior Elsa Denima says, “we’re in the same conference as Blake and Breck, which are always the hardest teams to play, so playing them will be pretty tough, and we’re a fairly young team, so being able to play together at the same level as other teams who have known each other and played with each other for so long will be difficult.”