Mr. Vana stepping in as new Upper School director after departure of Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt

This school year, there have been many new changes here at Providence Academy.

New teachers and teachers that are teaching classes that are new to them. There is the new sports complex, and there a new interim Upper School Director. When Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt left PA, he left behind the prominent position of US Director, which has been filled by Mr. Craig Vana.

Mr. Vana, PA interim Upper School director
Mr. Vana, PA interim Upper School director

Mr. Vana has 45 years of experience working in Catholic and public education. He worked at Catholic Schools for 17 years as a teacher, principal, coach and athletic director. Because of his work, he has been referred to Headmaster Dr. Todd Flanders as a perfect fit for PA.

“I contacted him, and we began to talk about him coming in as the interim director,” Dr. Flanders said. “I feel providentially blessed that Mr. Vana is here as we ponder the upcoming year.”

According to Dr. Flanders, Mr. Vana fits the description of the type of person that they want the next US director to be like. Dr. Flanders said that they want someone who carries a weight of personal and moral authority, who loves young people, a Christian at heart, a committed Catholic, understands faculty and understands the hopes and fears of students and parents.

“I enjoy working with young people,” Mr. Vana said. “Young people are the future and they need to be prepared to the best that they can be for the world that they will enter. I’m very supportive of Catholic schools and students who are committed to learning about the Faith and teachers who are committed to teaching the Faith.”

“[Mr. Vana] is a Catholic educator at heart,” said Dr. Flanders. “And he understands the students, parents, and faculty.”

Mr. Vana will be at Providence for a year, so the school is still in need of a permanent US director

When Dr. Flanders and the other heads of PA looked for someone to replace Dr. Ferdinandt as US director, they employed a firm out of Boston called Carney Sandoe. Carney Sandoe is a firm that specializes in recruiting teachers and school leaders for both private and public schools. They’re currently trying to decide whether to use a firm like Carney Sandoe again or not.

“We still get interesting applications,” Dr. Flanders said. “And right now, we’re trying to decide whether to use a firm again or to look for a replacement ourselves.”

Dr. Flanders feels confident that they will find a perfect fit for the US director and that a permanent Director of the Upper School by the beginning of next school year.

Charles Kral is the editor-in-chief for the PAW