A Providence Academy Senior Looks Back in Gratitude

A Personal Reflection by Morgan Flottmeier, PAW Writer

Thirteen years. That’s a pretty long span of time. Just think of all of the things that have happened since 2002. MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were all launched. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Haiti was demolished by an earthquake, and Japan endured a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. The Euro entered circulation and Angela Merkel became the first female Chancellor of Germany. Pluto was demoted (I know, we’re all still pretty sad about that one), the Human Genome Project was completed, and the Mars Rovers explored the Red Planet. Michael Phelps won 22 Olympic medals, the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world, and Kate Middleton married Prince William. Lastly, in the fall of 2002, I started my education at Providence Academy. Now, thirteen years later, in the spring of 2015, I’ll be graduating.

I’ve basically spent my entire life at Providence Academy. I’ve been surrounded by the same brick structure and mustard yellow walls for as long as I can remember. I’ve had countless homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. I’ve joined clubs and sports and participated in numerous school activities. I’ve met terrific people, made amazing friends, and been inspired by fantastic teachers.

Looking back on all of my experiences at PA, I find it extremely difficult to say goodbye. So I won’t. Instead, I’ll just say thank you. I know I may not have always seemed very grateful, but I am. Despite griping about the uniforms, complaining about the workload, and zoning out in class on the very rare occasion, I have truly appreciated my time at Providence. I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today had my parents not decided to enroll me there, so thanks to you too, Mom and Dad.

It’s hard to express just how much Providence has shaped my life and the person I am, but I’ll do my best. Providence gave me the best education I think I could have possibly received. I gained so much from all of my classes. I’m so thankful to all of my teachers for helping me to see the value of learning and to love knowledge for its own sake. Not only did PA give me an exceptional education, but it also taught me how to live a good life, based on faith and a standard of morality, and how to be a person that I could be proud of. In short, Providence has encouraged me to lead a life of faith, knowledge, and virtue.

I’m not sure what the next thirteen years will hold, but I’m hopeful that they’ll be just has wonderful as the past thirteen I’ve spent at Providence Academy. Thanks PA.