College Boot Camp Inspires Juniors

by Jordan Stewart, PAW Writer

When most people think about summer vacation, they think about the relaxing time off from school and not having to deal with any stress that comes along with it. However, juniors are looking forward at having to fill out college applications and looking at colleges. Providence Academy offers students a chance to take a College Boot Camp in the summer of their senior year to help prepare them for things that they will have to accomplish as seniors.

Student counselor Brian Estrada, recommends it. “The College Boot Camp is undoubtedly one of the most successful creations of the PA College Counseling Program,” Estrada said. This Camp is a four-day experience that is held by our college counselors, English Department Chairman Adam Schmalzbauer, and other college admission professionals. It is set up to “give students a firm start in doing the best possible job on their college applications.”


Mr. Estrada says there are three good eeasons for students to sign up for this camp. “First, students have the opportunity to bring ‘order to the chaos’ by giving themselves this dedicated week of the summer to think through their college application process and to get started on critical elements. Second, this Boot Camp is a writing workshop, and third, every student who signs up for Boot Camp on time will have a one-on-one session with an admissions professional that can be used to get feedback on an essay draft, complete a mock interview, or have a resume reviewed.”




As many juniors are getting ready to prepare for this coming summer and senior year, it really seems beneficial to take the time to do a camp like this one offered at PA, and as Mr. Estrada puts it, to “have a plan.” It is also a great opportunity to take the last summer you have at home to have fun and relax like every high school student wants to do.