Prom Expectations vs. Prom Reality

by Megan Stewart, PAW Writer










Prom. It’s the most magical night of your WHOLE life. Ever. At least, that’s what you would be obliged to believe if you have ever seen a single high school rom-com in the last ten years. Well, it’s just around the corner for Providence Academy. Although we see these magical moments at prom on TV and in our favorite movies, it’s not very realistic. You can have a great night at prom, no doubt, but some people create some pretty big fantasies about how the night will go. The fact is it probably won’t go EXACTLY as you planned it out in your head. “Expect the unexpected” might very well be the theme of your night, rather then “a night to remember” or “a trip under the stars.” This is because most people’s expectations are over the top. Prom is a great time don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the Oscars.

One expectation starts with the “promposal.” You want some big grand gesture, such as coming home from work and hearing the doorbell ring. You open it and a pizza guy is there. You don’t remember ordering pizza yet you accept it anyway. Once you open it you see PROM spelled out on the pizza and your dream guy comes around the corner with flowers. He asks the question, which you of course say yes to, because the perfect guy obviously is one who brings you pizza and makes your dream, come true.

Next your dress, the first one you try on is perfect, exactly what you’re looking for and fits you like a glove. You have a Say Yes to the Dress moment and buy it. Next, your hair. Everything falls into place, it looks just like that pin you pinned on Pinterest and you couldn’t be happier. You get your make up done by a professional at Mac and you look like Kim Kardashian. Then you hear a knock at the door. Here’s what’s behind the door…. prom is not this perfect.

If you’re a girl you know that none of this happens exactly according to plan. Most likely, you will try on 20 dresses before you find one you love and then will even have to get it altered. Your hair might take three tries and still you might have that one section that just wont stay put. Now, I’m one of the most hopelessly romantic people I know and I always have imagined that I would have the fairy tale prom. But if you expect it to all be perfect, you’ll only be left disappointed and feel as though it didn’t meet your expectations. Prom will and should be a great night. All you have to do is not worry too much and enjoy it, no matter what mishaps come on the way. Even if your date is your best friend, your dress is your older sisters, and you and your mom did your make up. As long as your prom doesn’t wind up like the dance in the 1976 horror film “Carrie,” it’s one night you’ll remember for a long time.