Middle Schoolers Head North

by Michael Villafana, PAW Writer

Three hours and forty-five minutes north. That is where some Providence Academy middle schoolers will be headed during the weekend of May 8th-10th. Those 6th, 7th and 8th graders will be participating in Providence’s annual Wolf Ridge trip.

Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center is located in Finland, MN and specializes in environmental and outdoor learning programs for children of all ages. According to their website, their mission is “to develop a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, motivation and commitment to work together for a quality environment”. Wolf Ridge is located right on a ridge overlooking Lake Superior. Their campus includes 2,000 acres of land, along with several lakes and streams. In addition, their location provides 18 miles of trails to hike, that features many of the wildlife that live around the area.

Middle School science teacher Mrs. Elise Sheehan is the annual leader of the middle school trip. Many middle school students take advantage of this overnight nature adventure. “We currently have 58 kids signed up” said Mrs. Sheehan. Along with the 58 students, Mrs. Sheehan will be accompanied by Mr. Jack Sheehan, Mr. Kevin Donahue and a couple parent volunteers.

The excitement for Wolf Ridge is buzzing around the middle school hallways this year. With many different activities to do, there is a lot of fun to look forward to. Seventh grader Peter Flanders already has one year of Wolf Ridge under his belt. “I like the bus ride and the lakes”, he said. Justin Kim, also in 7th grade, is getting ready for the physical activities. “I am looking forward to canoeing, hiking and going through the ropes course”, he said. The ropes course is one of Wolf Ridge’s main attractions for students. Andrew McGurl, who attended as a Sixth grader agrees with that statement. “I really like the ropes course and the hiking”, Andrew stated.

With the warmer spring, Providence students hope to be able to participate in everything Wolf Ridge has to offer. The past couple springs has been rough with late snowfalls. This year, however, all signs are leading to an incredible weekend for those middle schoolers attending.