A Fiddler in the Great Room

by Jordan Stewart, PAW Writer


When you think of Spring most of the time the things that come to mind are spring sports, flowers, rain and being one step closer to summer. However, Providence Academy theatre students look forward to the Spring Musical.

This year, PA is performing Fiddler on the Roof. John Mikkelson, Kate Clark. Celia Kennedy, Josephine Von Dohlen, and Annika White will be the main actors performing in this musical.

When asked if there was anything new going on in this musical, that hasn’t happened in the past, Anna Laughery, who will be playing the anonymous fiddler, said, “The cast is huge and we have some really big, large group dance numbers.” A group of seven students will go as far as to dance with bottles balanced on top of their heads, one of the iconic dance numbers in this well-loved play that is still going strong after more than 50 years.

“Fiddler” tells the story of a Tevye, a poor milkman in the Tsarist Russian village of Anatevka.  Tevye is a devout Jew who speaks to God as a friend, and asks for God’s help in marrying off his three eldest daughters.  The daughters rebel against the traditional matchmaking process and select their own husbands.  Tevye laments the changing times in his village, but the world outside is changing too.  A Russian pogram forces the Jews out of Anatevka and across the ocean to the new world.

This timeless musical will be performed in the Great Room on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Thirty-nine students and director Mrs. Melissa Simmons have put in lots of work to make sure this musical is great. So go out and support your friends and fellow students. It’s heartwarming entertainment for all.