Netters Bid Farewell

by Claire Patnode, PAW Writer

On May 9th, Providence Academy will bid farewell to their Net team. How fast the year went. On looking back on the time they spent here, the Netters opened up about their experience. Many of them, coming into PA had some expectations or preconceived ideas on what they were entering into. Jimmy was told that Providence looked like Hogwarts (the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – from the Harry Potter series) and he admitted it actually looks like a more realistic version of the fictional academy.

Along with being aware of PA’s academic rigor, they were informed about the student’s religious strive. Amanda revealed the reality to be true to their expectations.“In reality, Providence is a Catholic school that does not compromise its values for the sake of society that chooses to be the best because those who run it refuse to be ground down by mediocrity.  Providence is a community of believers who want to challenge each other to reach Heaven.” The team remained interactive with every corner of the school and kindled the student’s fire for the faith and encouraged them all to strive for something more. With the year already over, they reminisce upon the things they will miss most. Martha explained that the students will be the ones she misses the most. Not only did she get to know them, but they formed friendships and became a daily part of each others life.

Damian agreed with Martha and said, “I can honestly say that this year I have grown in so many relationships with the students. I am very confident in that most of these relationships are deeper than the surface level of minister to student, but more of a friendship and a big brother to the students.” They all agreed they will also miss the smaller things as Mike pointed out; the great lunches, a chapel to stop into whenever desired, and an incredible leader, Mr. Richard Carrillo.

However, just like all things in life, its time for them to begin a new adventure. So what’s next? Martha plans to return to her home in Badh, England, while Amanda plans to stay in the states and head full force into her nursing career with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Wright State University. Corey plans on following a call from God to try out the priesthood.  “My plans for these next few years are seminary for the Fargo Diocese in North Dakota.  I do not know if the priesthood is where I will end up, but I am up for anything that the Lord will send me!” The others plan on catching up with their families again and some are on their way back to school. No matter where they go, Providence will never forget what they did here. God will be guiding them on their journeys just as He does for everyone else. Rather than saying goodbye to this incredibly fervent and alive team, I believe the right words are; Thank You!