The Dryer’s Orphan Socks Get A New Purpose in Life

By Gabrielle Benacka, PAW Writer

Somewhere, perhaps an alternate universe or lost in the space-time continuum, are all those socks that went into the dryer and never came out.  Orphaned socks were once destined for the trash, but not any more.  These days, they adorn the feet of fashionistas in mismatched glory.

Teens everywhere are into the craze. Mismatched socks started became trend not too long ago. A quick Google turns up a sock drawer full of online stores offering unpaired hose at premium prices.  LittleMissMismatched, SockLady, AbsoluteSocks, and many others are standing by for your credit card number. Is the fad continuing to spread in order to make laundry easier for the lazy person, or is it really on purpose?



Providence Academy Junior Rae Spears is against the trend because she needs to keep her style lookin’ classy. “If I’m going golfing, I can’t wear a black sock and a navy sock. That’s just not okay,” Spears said disgustedly.

Some, on the other hand, wear mismatched socks to stand out. “I never follow the crowd,” Freshman Iz Benacka commented. Katie Stinchfield, Junior, has no problem whipping off her shoes and letting everyone stare in awe at the two different spunky socks on her feet. “I never not wear mismatched socks–except for school. So, therefore, I started the trend,” Stinchfield exclaimed.

Instead of you struggling to mix up your own socks at home, many new businesses selling mismatched socks have come to the market. In 2003, LittleMissMatched was brought up in the San Fran to encourage youngsters to be creative in their style. The company “goes to the extreme to cross match different packs.”

Another company, VS. Stuff, plans to launch a new line of children’s socks in the fall that will have unions of cats and dogs, and ladybugs and caterpillars. Think of any combination and VS. Stuff has really got the stuff.

Providence Academy teacher Mr. Ian Skemp offered his insight into this craziness. “People see it (mismatched socks) and LOVE it. It is a bold statement of rebellion against conformity.”

So, remember that how you dress your feet up may, or may not, express who you are. And don’t you wish you kept all those orphaned socks?