Human or Carrot?

by Jordan Stewart, PAW Writer

It seems like around this time of year many people like to go and get spray tanned or go to a tanning booth; but what effect does that have on you? Many people who do get artificial tans probably don’t know what effects it can have on your body or how it can come off looking to others. People like to get spray tans this time of year because spring is right around the corner and who wants to go outside and look like they haven’t seen the sun in a year? Or maybe you go out and people can’t even see you because you are so pale that you look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Either way there are pros and cons to getting a tan.

The biggest pro to this would have to be why most people do it: to decrease the risk of skin cancer, which can be caused by a natural tanning method. Another reason would be that you get tan instantly and don’t have to sit out in the heat for hours. Lastly, we all have seen older women who look like they have tanned way too many times; their skin literally looks like a piece of leather. With spray tanning, you can get a nice glow while still keeping your appearance and youthfulness.

However, there are also cons to artificial tans. New research about the effects of tanning has actually said that spray tanning may increase your risks of skin cancer. states that, “DHA, dihdroxyacetone, is the active ingredient in spray tanners and medical experts have found that, if introduced into the bloodstream (which can happen if it is inhaled), it has the “potential to cause genetic alternations and DNA damage.” Many doctors advise you to wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling the fumes to protect against the possibility of developing lung cancer in extreme cases.

Lady Gaga

Besides the pros and cons of getting spray tanned what about how it looks? There are some people who can pull off a spray tan and make it look natural, but on the other spectrum there are also those who look like gigantic carrots with legs. I know I have heard many people complain about how a tan may look but also that it looks really good. So, my advice would be to make any type of tan you do look natural. Don’t go over the top and make your skin color look completely different than it is, but a little glow to enhance your skin tone never hurt anybody. Just remember, next time you’re going to go out and get a tan, make sure you take the right steps to help avoid any harm to your body and don’t go too extreme.