Spring Break is Where You Make It

Commentary by Megan Stewart, PAW Writer

Spring break comes once a year and feels like a heavenly two week refuge from our everyday life. We get a chance to go out in paradise somewhere far from our troubles and stress or we can stay home and sleep sunrise to sunset if we want. It’s about warm weather, rebirth, and enjoying change. As far back as history can tell, spring break has been about self-indulgence and luxury. Whether luxury for you is sitting in your bed all day watching whole seasons of Netflix or lounging on the beach somewhere warm, it’s all your choice. The beauty of spring break is that it gives you a taste of summer and you don’t have the stress of finals on your back. All you have to do is relax and rejuvenate for the last couple months of the school year.


The most common places to vacation are pretty obvious. You pretty much expect everyone to say Florida, Mexico, Hawaii; all warm places far from your stressful life at the given time. You want to feel different. You want to feel like you have gotten away and can just focus on that decadence you have been waiting for. Spring break is often a life saving period for some who have school, work, sports and extracurriculars. With so much going on, the chance to do nothing sounds pretty close to Heaven as you can get on this earth.

Now, us teenagers know that our spring breaks are stereotyped as us partying all day, getting wasted, and doing what only the Lord could know. But in reality, even though some do that very thing, a lot of us really just do nothing. We say how we want to have these amazing and spontaneous days and have tons of fun doing crazy stuff with friends over break, but from personal experience, we spend a lot of our time sleeping, watching Netflix, and eating. As normal as that sounds, some of us are just to exhausted to do much other then lounge, whether on the beach or in our bed. We save the partying for summer. Regardless of how we spend our break, the fact that we have this two-week rest is all we care about. Spring break will be looked on with joy, excitement, and relief for years to come and will be filled with many stories of what crazy things we did and how many seasons of the Walking Dead we were able to watch before it was over. So, whether you’re in Florida getting your tan on, or in your comfy bed watching your favorite show, have an amazing spring break everybody.