Ping Pong Piques Interest

Ping Pong is a sport where you don’t need athleticism or good genes; all you need is a paddle and a desire to get better. Ping Pong is a sport very similar to tennis, but on a much smaller scale. Ping Pong originated in England in the 19th century. Although it is not the most popular sport in America, it is still growing at a tremendous rate. Many schools such as Moundsview, Academy of Holy Angels, Rochester North, Eagan, Orono, Wayzata, and many more have started up Ping Pong clubs. It is a great way for students to get together after school and have fun and compete against other students. As more schools are starting to have Ping Pong clubs and varsity teams, the more it seems to gain the interest of students.

Totino Grace was one of the earliest schools to start a Ping Pong club. A 2012 segment featured on WCCO-TV shows how the club was started as a statistics project. Once it got enough interest, the students made it into a club. The advisor of the club, Mr. Mike Munson said, “It’s great for everyone because you don’t need to be tall or fast,” which is an issue for many people. Ping Pong is one of the most popular clubs at Totino Grace now, and has more members than chess and math club. With Ping Pong on the rise, Minnesota is the number one state for junior and high school ping pong tournaments and competitions.

Most schools that have Ping Pong started it as an intramural club, and some have even taken it to the next level and have turned it into a varsity sport. Like all other sports, Ping Pong has a state tournament that is hosted every March. The season for Ping Pong takes place in the winter and goes from November to March just like hockey and basketball.

Providence Academy does not have a Ping Pong club, but in the future should consider starting one. It would be a good way for kids to get to know each other, and have lots of fun. As it grows in popularity, the more schools will have Ping Pong.