Falling for the Fall Fashions

By Jordan Stewart, PAW Writer

It’s still fall, believe it or not, and fall means time for new clothes and new trends. Girls in particular seem to love the fashion trends that go along with fall. You get to wear baggy sweaters, flannel, cute scarves and hats, boots with stylish socks, -UGGS. There is no more worrying about looking great for summer or having to cover up all of your outfits in piles of winter protection. Fall is a time to look cute and stylish while in a comfortable atmosphere.

In fall, many people enjoy getting to spend time with their friends and family. October brings Halloween, which excites many kids and teenagers to dress up and go out with friends, while November brings Thanksgiving, which brings families together to say what they are thankful for. Many would also say that they just enjoy seeing a change. With all of the leaves changing, nature becomes more appealing to the eyes and this draws more people in. A lot of people who like to run and take walks will also enjoy being able to see beautiful colors while exercising.

Fall will attract many men too by starting new sports seasons such as football. Football is a major sport in the U.S. and many people like to watch it. With the coming of fall, professional teams start to play and begin their season as well as high school students. For some men, football is a highlight of their year that they look forward to at all times.

Plus who can forget about seasonal drinks at places like Starbucks and Caribou. Starbucks adds its popular Pumpkin Spice Latte to the menu as soon as the leaves start to change making sales go up greatly. Many people love to go and get their special seasonal drinks and look forward to them every year, this adds the thrill of waiting in anticipation for something that brings some sort of happiness to you in a specific time of year.

There seems to be much talk about people posting fall pictures onto social media and looking for the perfect shot. An opportunity for photographers increase in taking fall pictures with more interests to the one’s who view your work. Many photographers will say that they enjoy this season compared to other seasons in regard to taking the perfect pictures with bright colors and good lighting. No matter what you set up to take a photo of in the fall, it will probably draw people in because of the colors and subject matter.

However, if fall is not your favorite season that’s ok, there’s always winter.