Be Your Fashion-Fowardest

By Megan Stewart, PAW Writer

The air is getting warmer, the leaves are falling, and the sweaters and hot chocolate are coming out. This time of year is perfect for fashion lovers like myself. It’s the season where you can layer upon layer and wear comfy sweaters without having to cover it all with a coat. Yes, it’s FALL. Fall fashion is a big deal for people who have to wear uniforms all day. When we get a break or it’s a weekend, some people go all out and wear all the cutest outfits they can get.

This season for the girls, it’s a back-to-the-basics look. A London-based self-employed stylist, Ms. Pole has been shooting lots of softly masculine tailoring and expensive knitwear for fall issues of fashion magazines. And c’mon, who doesn’t love sweaters? Pole suggests pairing sweaters with lace or silks this year for great contrast.  Also in this season are the boyfriend jeans. Cute and comfy,  they are every girls dream. It gives you the beaten and worn look but is still chic and works with most any outfit. Also the 60’s & 70’s look seems to be coming back a bit with a vintage twist showing up more and more. If you want to experiment with this, Ragstock has a bunch of old vintage sweaters and shirts you can get for $10!

For the boys, it’s a bit more like the uniform. Its more laid-back and loose but it’s a casual and confident look. One of the major fall trends that Mr. Porter is supporting is the big, soft coat. “Think a classic, sweeping hero coat with less structure.” It serves its purpose to protect you from the cold that is coming, but is also a major fashion statement that makes you look confident and striking. Fur is also a big thing this year as in previous years. Look out for a lot of it coming out this season as it’s become very popular. Guys, although more laid-back, definitely have some options if they want to keep up with the latest fashion this year.

So don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been keeping up with Fashion Week. Most of what you see there isn’t what’s really in. What you have in your closet can be just as chic if paired with the right sweater or the perfect pair of leggings. If your crunching for money, no worries, because lots of vintage stores have just what you’ll need for half the price. You can look “totally in” without having to try that hard. You can also get that “not trying to hard” look for a big price. Whatever works for you, it should be fun and you should feel confident in what you wear and choose to buy this fall. So grab your hot chocolate and go show it off.