A New Homecoming

That one little word- “Homecoming.”  Homecoming can bring up a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings, perhaps involving the dance or sporting event.  Like the moment, for instance, while trying on a dress, you find the perfect one.  Or, you finally get a reason to talk to and bond with that special person. Homecoming is a time for all those warm, fuzzy feelings to come together, whether at a football game or tennis match. There is plenty of construction being done at Providence Academy right now.  So the looming question is, what does this mean for all of our Homecoming festivities?

It is traditional to go to the Friday night football game to cheer on your Lions during homecoming week.  However, with new additions to the school being made, this tradition must come to an end.  “We can’t have the football game on Friday night because we have no lights on the soccer field, so that means the game will be on Saturday (October 11th) with the dance (8 PM) after the game,” said Megan White (’16), Student Council Member.  As for the dance, there has been no theme set, but the occasion will be semi-formal.

This year, new memories will be formed.  “We hope to have fan buses and increased grade level competitions this year”,” said Mr. Ed Hester, Faculty Advisor of Student Council.  By having fan busses, students would be shuttled from game to game, which gives us the chance to still cheer on all of our Lions as they have away games during homecoming week due to reconstruction at home.  As for the grade level competitions, they are unlike anything we have ever done before.  If this did happen, one of the events would be a hallway decorating challenge for the upper school.

Homecoming week should be a week that we all are looking forward to this year.  After all, our Student Council has put more time into homecoming this year than ever before.  About the organization, White says, “Planning homecoming events has been slightly more challenging than usual because of construction. But we will make the most of it, so don’t you worry your pretty little minds!” The 2014 Homecoming will have a new vibe, but we are choosing to make the best of it.  Whether we are hoping on and off fan buses or putting lights up in our hallways, homecoming week will still be a blast. So here’s to all those returning warm, fuzzy feelings for homecoming, 2014.