New Gym Uniforms Required For Next Year

New gym uniforms were recently introduced to Providence Academy. These uniforms boast Nike dri-FIT and top of the line material, as opposed to the old cotton tee and mesh pants. The new gym pants will not only be accepted for gym class, but also many middle school athletics, while the shirts are eye-pleasing and versatile.  They can be seen here.

Mr. Jaeger, who is the athletic director at Providence Academy, gave me the inside scoop on the change in uniforms. He says that “the biggest difference is the material. This is a dri-FIT, while the last one was cotton.”

These uniforms aren’t only more aesthetically pleasing, they also help with some problems students might face.

“The old cotton tees showed sweat very easily, while these new dri-FIT shirts should prevent that, said Mr. Jaeger. Also, the mesh pants sometimes showed undergarments, while these new, more versatile pants will not.

There are many reasons for the change in uniform, as stated above, but the physical education teachers also wanted new dri-FIT uniforms as well.

“This new uniform is much more “in-line” with Providence’s school uniform,” said Mr. Jaeger. Many think the old uniform is outdated, while the new ones are more athletic fitting and “fashionable”.

All these new improvements seem very neat and beneficial, but they come with a price. These uniforms will not be sold in the Spirit Store. They must be ordered online with a pack price of $28.00.

Many students voiced their concerns about having to buy brand new uniforms. Nick Kramer 16′ has one more gym class left in his high-school career.

“I have one more gym semester left and I have to buy a new uniform,” said Kramer. “It angers me that my parents have to waste money on a new gym uniform when I already have one. I wish that PA would let me use my old uniform for just one more year.”