PA Announces Awards for Class of 2014

Last night, the 2014 Senior Awards Banquet was held in the Great Room. At this annual ceremony, seniors, their families and faculty come together one final time before graduation.  During this time, awards are presented to the seniors, which are as follows:

Faith, Knowledge, Virtue:

Grace Garvey

Vincent Sellner

Cum Laude:

Eric Busch

Frances Christianson

Anna Clipperton

Stephen Dobbs

Colleen Irwin

Melissa Ivens

Paige McAuliffe

Andrew McIntyre

Matthew Murphy

Rachael Onserio

Jeffrey Patnode

Catherine Pulles

Delexi Riley

Alexandra Wooden

Magna Cum Laude:

Jennifer Walz

Summa Cum Laude:

Lila Anderson

Faith Bartsch

Brendon Boldt

Patrick Buehler

Rebecca Dykhoff

Melanie Eastham

Grace Garvey

Heather Leur

Rachael Maguire

Stefanie Palmer

Vincent Sellner

Scott Stankey

Eva Sullivan

Daniel Tawil

Athletic Awards:

Outstanding Female Athlete: Corinne Jensen

Outstanding Male Athlete: Nicholas Manciu

Arts Award:

Outstanding Female Fine Arts Performance: Colleen Irwin

Outstanding Male Fine Arts Performance: Brendon Boldt