2013-2014 Sports Wrap-Up

The 2013-2014 sports year for Providence Academy is coming to a close. Through fall, winter and spring, all of the sports teams have competed at a high level.

The fall sports, including boys and girls cross country, football, boys and girls soccer, girls tennis and girls swimming, all had exciting seasons.

The cross country team had a good season. Jackson Rastetter ’17 says, “We had a good season but sadly we are losing two good seniors.”

The football team also had a good season ending with the record of 4-4. The captains for fall 2014 are Ryan Richelsen ’15, Ryan Ylitalo ’15 and Trent Wiebusch ’15.

Henry Van Dellen ’16, the teams starting quarterback, comments on the teams previous season and the team by saying, “This season was good but next season will be better. We will fly like the Phoenix. When we lose we come back stronger.”

The soccer teams also had successful seasons with the boys going 4-5-1, and the girls going 3-5-2.

The season was good for the girls tennis team, going 12-6. Eva Sullivan ’14 says, “Season went really well. It was sad because it was my last year, but the team accomplished all that we wanted to by going to state and becoming closer as friends on the team.”  

The volleyball team ended their season with a record of 8-17.

The girls swim and dive team was  combined with Osseo. Sarah Whims ’16 sums up the season by saying, “The season turned out really well, a lot of the girls made to to section prelims and a few moved on to finals.  And one relay and one individual went to state.”

For winter sports,  the boys basketball team ended their season with the best record in school history, going 16-10. Dominic Miller ’16, one of the teams captains for the 2014-2015 season says, “The team is always improving and I am looking forward to next season.” The other two captains for next season are Jack Koslrud ’15 and Riley Loew ’15.

The girls also with a great season going 13-12.

The boys hockey team finished with a record of 6-19 and the girls team, which is combined with Minnehaha Academy,  finished off 3-17-1.

The boys swim and dive team was, like the girls, combined with Osseo. The only PA competitor was Joe Beaman ’14. The Osseo High School’s teams record was 3-2-3.

The spring sports also had their ups and downs. The boys tennis team finished in the record of 4-8, losing in the semifinal game.

The boys golf team, consisting of five seniors and one freshman finished currently have the record of 2-5. The girls golf team had a fantastic season ending with a winning record of 6-1-2.

Both boys baseball and girls softball have been having a successful season. The boys baseball team went 11-4 and is currently in the section 5AA playoffs.

Fans and athletes are looking forward to another great year for Providence sports.