When Providence Comes With You to College

University of Minnesota students from the Providence Class of 2013 Photo Submitted by Ellen Litecky '12
University of Minnesota students from the Providence Class of 2013
Photo Submitted by Ellen Litecky ’12

Where are you going to college?

This single, daunting question has been hanging over every seniors’ head during the last school year. Whether it is teachers, classmates, family members, or anyone else you get into any conversation with, seniors always hear this question.

With the May 1 deadline quickly approaching, most people know where they are going next year, or at least have a pretty good idea. So now, a new dimension to the “Where are you going to college?” question comes up: who else from high school is going to the same college?

Even coming from a small school like Providence Academy, there are many situations where people find classmates going to the same college next year. For example, there are several PA seniors planning to attend the University of St. Thomas next year.

However, students have differing attitudes toward this situation than others.

“I don’t really care,” said Maddie Lerum ’14, who is attending the University of St. Thomas next year, but she also adds that she “wants to meet new people.”

Other people are taking a different approach, and are planning to take advantage of the fact they already know people. Meggan Petters ’14 and Mory Jaberian ’14, both of whom are going to the University of St. Thomas next year, are going to be roommates.

“I’m excited… but we will need our space sometimes,” said Petters. “A lot of our friends are already at St. Thomas”.

But what is it like when you are actually at college with other Providence Alumni? How does that work? For this insight, some Providence alumni share their experiences about going to the same college as their classmates.

Ellen Litecky ’13 is attending the University of Minnesota with six other people from her graduating class.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Litecky. “Especially because none of use decided to live together so we all made new friends… but it’s still so great because I know all of them have my back no matter what.”

Emma Smith ’12, who is attending Hillsdale College with another PA alum, gives her thoughts as well.

“It has been a blessing in a lot of ways but also can make the transition harder,” said Smith. “It’s reassuring to know there is someone on campus whom you have shared experience with, on the other hand it is a constant reminder of the past and it makes it harder to come to the realization that high school and that time in your life is over.”

Overall, there are both advantages and disadvantages to going to the same school as fellow PA alums. In the end, it’s important to be able to move on from a place as great as Providence Academy, but that does not mean you have to cut out everyone from your time here.