Their Plates are Full: PA Students Balance Packed Schedules

After school for some students means going home, doing homework, and then participating in some sort of extracurricular activity. Some students don’t take part in any activities associated with the school, while others do almost every possible activity that they can cram into their schedule.  This makes students have little to no free time and cuts in on the much needed hours of sleep.

Katie Nickoloff ’14 is an example of a student whose schedule is filled with extracurriculars. Nickoloff is playing the role of Mrs. Higgins in this years spring musical Annie. She also played on the girls varsity basketball team, and she coaches a lacrosse team.

“My typical schedule on a school day includes coming to school sometimes at 8:00 for house meetings, having basketball practice from 3:30-5:30, doing some homework, going to play practice from 7:00-9:00, and then getting home to do the rest of my work so I can get as much sleep as possible,” said Nickoloff. “I also have a lacrosse team that I coach some weeknights along with weekends.”

It’s not only seniors who have the busy schedule. Jordan Schilling’15 is the editor of this year’s yearbook, she is in the spring musical, and she directed the middle school one act play. All of this made for quite a packed schedule for Schilling when the play was in rehearsals and she wouldn’t get done until 5:00 p.m.

“Then I go and do my homework in the Atrium until I have musical practice from 7:00-9:00,” said Schilling.

On top of all the practicing for the plays, she also plays softball.

The large work load can lead to a lot of stress and a lack of sleep, and can lead to regretting  participating in the activities.

“When that happens [regret participating], I usually take a few minutes to feel badly for myself before I accept that it was my decision in the first place to take on all of my extra curricular activities,” said Nickoloff. “This happens a little more than I would like to admit, but I am involved in these activities because I enjoy them. My life would be radically different if I didn’t do what I do.”

Even with all the stress, Schilling still loves all the work and practice.

“I do have a crazy, hectic schedule, but I love being involved so much in my school and doing the things I do,” said Schilling. “From directing a Middle School play, to being the Editor in Chief of the yearbook, to being an orphan in the musical, and playing on the softball team, it does get busy, but I enjoy doing everything and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Nickoloff is one of several students that participates in several activities after school that take up almost all of her time. She encourages others to partake in some sort of extracurricular activities even with the added work.