Students Begin the Search for Summer Jobs

Students at Providence Academy have a variety of jobs.  Many are hoping to get one over the summer.

Madalyn Tomaschko ’16 babysits on an average of three times a week. Soon, she hopes to have a job as a swim teacher.

Brendon Boldt ’14 does not currently have a job, but will get one during the summer. He prefers a job involving technology but knows he will most likely end up working at a restaurant.

Claire Patnode ’16 is a nanny and works about once a week.  In the end of March she says she will be applying for jobs.

Marcus Beddor ’15 thinks it would be cool to be a valet for a country club. He does not have a job at the moment.

Last summer, Thomas LeVoir ’14 worked in the sales department for General Nanosystems, a company that is now shut down. They used to sell computer hardware and services.

John Mikkelson ’15 has had a few jobs: washing boats, being a referee for hockey games, and helping out with computer support.  When asked which job is his favorite, he replied, “computer support because I make the most money.”