Annie: PA’s Biggest Production To Date

Student thespians are hard at work getting ready for Providence’s spring musical production of Annie.

Over 40 students tried out for the play, making this the largest of PA’s productions to date.

“This is a larger production than Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” said the musical’s director, Mrs. Melissa Simmons.

Mrs. Simmons said that rehearsals have “been going well. We’ve had some late starts and rehearsals started a little late, but we’re getting on track.”

Mrs. Simmons also commented on the help that people outside of Providence bring to a larger production such as the Spring Musical.

“We bring Katy Stromberg in to do our dance choreography,” said Mrs. Simmons. “She started working with us six years ago when we did Cinderella. We also bring in a costumer from the Gutherie, Sarah Bissonette, and a costumer from the Children’s Theater Company, Ananda Mari Wold.”

The musical also has a pit band, which consists of 12 students.

Annie will be performed the first weekend of May on May 2nd through May 4th.