PA Lions Baseball Hosts Breakfast Fundraiser


The PA Lions Baseball team is hosting a breakfast fundraiser on Sunday, April 13th from 8:30 am to 12:30 am at Dobo’s Café and Bakeshop. Dobo’s Café and Bakeshop’s is located 4425 Highway 55, Loretto, Minnesota 55357.

The Providence Academy Lions will be raising money for Gianna Homes- Glady’s Place in Plymouth, which is a senior memory care clinic. Along with this charity some of the money from the fundraiser helps pay for items that compliments the baseball program. The Providence Academy baseball team has been around for 4 years, so this will be the teams 4th breakfast.

The team helps out with this fundraiser by doing many jobs. Work for the team varies. The team will wash dishes, be part of the wait staff and even some will get to work in the kitchen! All 24 players, coaches and volunteers are participating in the years fundraiser.

Coach Tapani comments on the work of the players by saying,  “It is their event and they staff it and work it with the help of the Dobo Cafe owners who insure the quality of the service and food is up to their high standards.”

Team Captain Michael Villafana ’15, three time participant in this fundraiser, comments on the fundraiser by saying, “First off, I think this fundraiser is a good way for team bonding and to get to know each other more. Secondly, its a great way to meet the people that will be supporting us throughout the season. It’s a good way to thank them before the season starts.”

Villafana also says some fun memories that happened in the past, he says, “I remember we have had a couple prom proposals in the past. No word yet if there will be any this year.”