Prom Dresses Wanted: PA Helps Make “Prom Possible” For Low-Income Students in Twin Cities

Prom Possible
College Possible students “shop” for Prom dresses donated through Prom Possible. Photo contributed by Sarah Martin.

At Providence Academy, prom is a fun way to dress up and make memories with friends before the end of the school year. But for College Possible students, prom means a lot more.

College Possible makes college possible for 10,000 low-income students in the Twin Cities. Guides coach high schoolers on their path to and through college, something that never seemed attainable for them before. Founded in 2000, College Possible wanted to ensure that every person has a chance to go to college. The program has expanded to 20 partner high schools, and an additional 20 high schools are on a waiting list.

College Possible recognizes that after working hard on college applications, essays, and scholarships, their students have earned the chance to have fun.

“Applying to college is expensive, so we want our students to save their hard earned money for college expenses,” Sarah Martin, Development Officer at College Possible Twin Cities, says. “Prom Possible is a way to save their money.”

And that is where Providence comes in.

It may be impossible for College Possible students to attend prom due to limited financial resources, so the organization accepts donations such as gently used prom-appropriate dresses, shoes, and purses. Middle school counselor Mrs. Emily Semsch has been collecting donated dresses in her office.

Martin says that they are are looking for any kind of dress, such as what you’ve worn to a wedding or a homecoming, short or long. 

On Saturday, April 5, Prom Possible will take place at College Possible Twin Cities, and students will be able to pick their dresses from a room while enjoying snacks and movies.

“We try to collect enough dresses to make it like a shopping experience,” Martin says. “It’s more special because they get to choose.”

Be a part of Prom Possible and bring in your gently used dress to Mrs. Semsch’s office by April 4. Your donation could make a difference in a Twin Cities student’s life.

“My senior prom will be perfect because of your generous donation,” College Possible student Chee V. says. “Thank you so much!”